History of Canada and India creating Pakistan and Quebec

by mathieubgervais on April 2, 2014 - 7:44pm

When we look at the history of Canada and India, both are very simular.In India you had the conflict between the Hindu and the Muslims fighting amungst each other and both hindu and muslim fight against the british to take them out of their country so they can govern themselves. It is simular to Canadien history were French Canadiens, English and First Nations fight against each other for terrictory, political and religious reasons. In both India and Canada, a country and province is created due to the tentions between Hindus and Muslims and tentions between the French and English. In India, after the Indian Independance in 1947(when british leave India) Pakistan is created the year after in 1948. Simular to Canada, the Province of Quebec is founded in 1763 when the 7 year war ends and the treaty of Paris is signed (British leave and French take their land). So both Indian and Canadien history lived through simular conflicts that founded the lands of Pakistan and Quebec.


I agree with your point on the similarities between the historical making of India and Quebec. I think that you very well explained how in both Quebec and India, conflicts between groups of individuals sharing dissimilar ideas, cultures and beliefs have been prominent throughout history. India has had struggles with their Independence from the British imposed rules, whereas Quebec has had several episodes of declaring its independence from the rest of Canada. Both countries desired freedom to express their cultural values and mentalities without having another country or influence that would define them as a unique society.

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