Comparison between India/Pakistan and Quebec/Canada

by jessica laurendeau on April 2, 2014 - 10:05pm

Comparison between India/Pakistan and Quebec/Canada

The French speaking population of Québec have identified themselves as a separate nation, different from the English speaking population of Québec and the rest of Canada. The French fear losing their values as a result of being a minority population in an English speaking country. This fear can be seen as quite irrational as many of the French Quebecers share the same beliefs and customs as the rest of the Canadian population. Throughout the years that Québec has been a part of Canada and have shared the same constitution, the population has been very prosperous and conflicts have been insignificant. The similarities between the two “nations” are so minimal that cohabitation is more than possible. This is very similar to the Muslim nation who, also believe they need to be separate from the Hindus to live happily. The Muslim and Hindus have separate customs and beliefs but they also have many that are similar.  For the two people to prosper together they do not need to separate but change their mind set and focus on what they share in common.  Both in Canada and India, separating their nations is would not be necessary for the population to live in peace; the people just need to see that they do share many similar views. Living side by side with respect is a possibility and it has its advantages.




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The formation of Pakistan was the result of Indian Muslims gaining their independent territory. Although this was the case for India, I agree with you on your argument that it is possible for different cultural groups in one country to live in peace together while also having its advantages.

Nice points and clear argument, humans are stronger together and this is why muslim and hindu should cooperate instead of fight. In canada Quebeckers and Canadians cooperated to make a very proper province and country and there is no reason why india coildnt do the same.

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