Comparing India/Pakistan to Canada/Quebec

by SophieLabrie on April 3, 2014 - 7:29pm

The situation between Pakistan and India can be compared to the one between Quebec and Canada. The Muslims and Hindus caused a lot of violence within India because of conflicting ideas. Therefore, the mainly Muslim parts of India were made into Pakistan. Here, the Muslims could be compared to the French Canadians who want to be separated from Canada. Although the parting of Quebec from its country sounds like a good idea to some, it would not be required as it was for the Muslims and Hindus. A lot of blood was shed between the two nations of India and a unified country would have been terrible. “Any idea of a United India could have never worked and in my judgement it would have led us to terrific disaster” mentioned Muhammed Ali Jinnah in a speech. He was right because there were too many differences between Hindus and Muslims and too much hatred. The differences between Quebec and Canada aren’t as big and there isn’t as much hate between the two. I believe this is why Quebec is still a part of Canada and not separated as Pakistan and India are. 


The conflict between India and Pakistan it is pretty much settled but there will always be tension between the two. Compared to Quebec and Canada were it seems the conflict is not resolved in the point of view of the quebec independents and now it is time for the new generations to prove their point and lead as a nation.

I think jihnna was wrong about the chaos a united nation would of caused. In canada, quebec is still united and there is no chaos.. Even if sometimes there are tension between the culture but those tensions are bearable.

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