Western European nations will be the new Third World

by Vanessa Ex on September 12, 2013 - 9:45pm


       The european economic situation affects every single citizen in a good or in a bad way. Oxfam which is an organism of charity, announced as many as 25 million more people across this continent could no longer live with the same standard of living which will decrease drastically by 2025. The cuts done by the Government would bring millions of people into this sad reality of poverty.

        It seems to be a politic problem, but this also and overall a social issue. It could be looked at in the political field for many reasons such as the fact that those austerity decisions that bring the whole continent to a hopeless situation are made by the government. On the other hand, it could be also viewed as a social issue if we consider the impact of those decisions on the population of this area.

Here are some consequences of these austerity measures:

First of all, the pay in United Kingdom has declined by 3.2% since the last financial crisis to the levels of a decade ago.  That means that the standards of living are already slowly falling. Second of all, Oxfam warned that 1.9 million people adults and 800.000 in the UK faced poverty and misery. And last of all, even when countries do return to an economic growth, the mechanism to reduce inequality will have been severely weakened by austerity, meaning that wealthiest will benefit the most from the new growth. In short, austerity measures had and will increase poverty and inequality massively.

       I think to every problem, there is solution. Maybe it sounds too positive but in a certain way, it is true when we can solve a part of it now or sooner. Europe’s governments have to reverse the situation as soon as possible to prevent  this disaster from having a bigger impact. In a report, Oxfam estimated it could take up to 25 years to improve to the situation. Oxfam proposed to opt for investment and capital spending to have a new economic beginning instead of austerity measures. The government of UK said improving his economy with tax changes. Charity organism expressed its ideas as the government of United Kingdom. But what  about the European citizens?

       As I shared earlier, I believe that the local population has the right to speak and to ask for a better situation and better standards of living. They should get together and ask  the government  for a fair system which will encourage those who want to work hard for their growth and that of their own country. This way, there will be less inequality between social classes and maybe the middle class will survive longer .





I too agree that poverty is a major issue in our world today. What drew me into your article was your title. It was shocking and grabbed my attention right away. I also think you did a great job summarizing your articles and I thought it was a good touch to throw in some statistics. My only suggestion would be to explain austerity a little more just in case there are some readers who are not familiar with the term. In all though I think you wrote a great article!
I agree with you concerning the idea that if the UK makes budget cuts that they should also be instituting measures to ensure the prosperity of their citizens. Although it is the citizen’s job to speak out against unlivable situations I believe that it is more of the government’s job to strive to make the common man’s situation livable. Drastic changes I feel do not have to be made, I’ve had experience working with hunger alleviating organizations that dealt with poverty and it seemed like the small steps that were more sustainable made a bigger difference than the larger drastic steps that didn’t stick around for very long.

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