Face the storm all together

by Vanessa Ex on November 14, 2013 - 5:03pm

The article of BBC News shows the critic social situation of a whole population.The Typhoon Haiyan which has a magnitude of 4.8 is one of the most devastating storms ever recorded on Philippines land. The will of the Philippines population to scape this catastrophic event is shown by the thousands of people waiting at the airport the day before the arrival of Typhoon Haivan. The capital Manila demonstrate a huge sense of panic from the population  Law and order are difficult to keep in a society broken by a natural disaster which broke and killed many lives. Enrique Ona who is the Philippine Health minister told the BBC that it would not be possible to identify all the victims. The fact the people cannot buried the death people brought a bigger sense of powerlessness. This is an important need, but the most important are the basic needs for human being which unfortunately are neglected due to the situation. The worst-affected areas represent a peak danger for spread of diseases according to health experts.

Help is mainly provide to the most populated area such as Manila. However, the isolated areas need help as much as this popular city. Many countries are mobilized to relief Philippines. A French-Belgian has been implanted, US military planes provided supplies with World Food Program, Japan want to send up 1,000 troops, aircraft and naval vessels, UK government gave 32 million in aid, a team of medical experts.  In spite of tension between those two countries, China decided to contribute too. It sent 1.6 million in relief goods.

Unfortunately, there is no food distributed on a large-scale until now according to the BBC correspondent. 2,300 deads are confirmed and they should increased. According to the UN, the storm affected more than 11 million people.

Personally, I think is awful to see this kind of events and feel powerless. More and more natural disasters are hitting countries with few resources. Of course we cannot stop the arrival of a natural catastrophe. However, I am sure there is a way to minimize its impact through prevention. For example, bring the food supply in different areas near to the victim island. This is only one simple idea. The international will to help others countries is wonderful to see and it proves that together we could do a big difference.


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