Waste Disposal-World of Cities Project

by Charles Martel on November 11, 2017 - 4:10pm

By: Charles Martel, Sofiya Taver and Anthony Patulli

The issue chosen is e-waste pollution, the environmental damages caused by electronic debris.

About 20 to 50 million tons of e-waste is generated every year throught the world with a significant portion of it being exported to UK shores and China to be recuperated and transformed. This crude and long process leaves time for persistent and harmful pollutants to be released continuously from the these large heaps of heavy metals, leaving many areas unbreathable. 

ARPE (Association pour le Recyclage des Produits Electroniques) is a non-lucrative association that recycles electronic devices. It takes them directly to approved local deposits that immediately sort the main components of the devices and sends them to other companies that can reuse them and recycles other materials like plastic and glass.

Our idea is to contact Champlain to allow us to develop an incentive at the College to prompt the students to drop their old electronic devices in containers that we will place, and contact our friends and families to do the same.

Source: 'E-Waste pollution' threat to human health, Institute Of Physics, 31 May 2011, http://www.iop.org/news/11/may/page_51103.html


I think that this project is a great idea. Electronic waste is truly a big impact on our health as well as our environment. However, how will these containers be constructed? How will you buy containers to place around the school. One of the biggest problems in schools is theft. How will you ensure that no one steals any of the electronics from the bins for their own personal use? After some time, let's say that you gather enough electronic devices in your bins. How will you transport them or ship them to the ARPE? This project so far is very vague and there is a lot of details that need to be ironed out before this is put into place. The idea is great but the plan and execution will suffer if these details aren't ironed out.

First off, I believe this is a great idea for a project and a great initiative. Although simple, I think it goes straight to the issue which is to deal with e-waste. Your team seems to have done lots of research on the subject and seem to have this issue for to the heart. Myself having a project where I must collect plastic waste and send them to a company to make products of the plastics, I know the implications that come with a project like this. Only one thing is unclear to me. Who will take care of transporting the e-waste and where will it be sent to? In my case, we contacted an intermediate for the transport, but you can also try your luck with the college direction. All in all, I think you have a great idea and a solution to a bigger problem.

I see that your goal is to reduce e-waste by sending electronic devices to a company to be recycled, but how are you planning on pursuing this goal? I think you might need to invest time in making sure that students are aware of the containers you will be placing, for example. Additionally, you need to detail your plan because from this proposal, your project seems very easy, but you need to think about asking permission about placing the container (s) around the school, and making sure that the waste is sent to the company even when you are done with the project. In brief, there are many questions you will need to address before attempting to complete this project. However, once this is done, I think that this project will a great potential and impact.

I think it's a really good idea! E-Waste is definitely something that often goes ignored or has less emphasis put on it. I know that I have electronic devices that could and should be disposed of in a better fashion. I think there is a lack of detail in your proposal, though. I think it's a really good general idea but maybe making it more specific will make it more able to be properly conducted. Perhaps, listing who you have to contact at Champlain for the permission to place these containers around the school, if there's any additional advertising that needs to be done, and so on. Having a detailed timeline would better help you achieve your goal, also. Knowing when you're supposed to do your tasks will ensure that you do not leave the project until the last minute, and thus, suffer the consequences of an incomplete. What do you think the potential impacts of this project would be? Do you think students would be willing to take part of this? That's why I believe that some form of advertising would be beneficial to you, as well. If students know beforehand that the electronic device collect is something that will happening around the school, they'll be more interested once they actually see it happening. I think if you refine those few elements, your project could be really strong!

I like your idea and I believe it is a great start especially here in Champlain college to help reduce electronic waste. Its facinating how new phones come out almost every year and how we have 6 different iphones. I believe innovations like this are the main contributors to the enormous amount of electronic waste we produce. I am just wondering how or where will you guys get these containers, will you build them buy them off a company didn't look to clear in your proposal. Also did not look to clear in your project proposal but where are you guys going to send the e-waste when it is full too the ARPE, if so how will you guys communicate with them and get their support. But to conclude, very good idea.

I think it really is a great idea, since our culture promote changing our devices as soon as new "better" ones are available at stores. For example, and I am not excluding myself, people change their cell phones almost each year when the new version of their actual one is released. Even if it is working as if it was new from a month ago, they change it because the new one looks better, to somethings cool, or only because everyone else has it. I think it would need a lot of management to do so. You'll need to have so king of box deposit and some way to protect the device during transportation, so that a heavy computer doesn't crush a small iPhone in pieces. What have you planned for that? I think your project would need some better detailed instruction or you risk getting lost in the way. Also, do you think much students will come and give away their "old" devices even if they still have a certain value?

I think you have an interesting and creative idea with e waste. If you were actually able to set up some sort of station or multiple in the school where students could throw out their electronics which they no longer use, it would be extremely successful. I don't see a reason for why students wouldn't use it appropriately. Recycling these used devices would definitely make a significant impact for our environment which we could hopefully turn into a bigger project than simply having it in one school. I think it's very realistic for a 3 person team project and wish you luck!

Your project is very good but I think it is missing some information. What are you going to do with the old electronic devices? It is the ARPE that will take care of it? What is your timeline to produce the project? How many containers are you expecting to use? How much your project will cost? I think your project needs publicity because you need people to know about what you are doing. For example, you can do a poster to explain the goal of the project. The background information was very interesting.

Good luck

I think that this is a great idea to set up collection areas in our school, because personally I know that when electronics in my house are not used, they are just thrown out which I always think is a waste. If you are able to collect these electronics it would be a great recyclable idea. Im sure that many students would have many unused or broken devices that might be collecting dust at home. You should set up announcements in the school to promote the idea or event if you were to collect the electronics.

It's a very good idea, although you should make sure that the bins that collects electronics are advertised to the students. How are you going to send the recycled devices back to ARPE? From where are the bins you are placing around the school, and how many? You will also need permission from the school to place the containers, which I think will be no problem. However, it would be great if you detailed just a little more. It is a great start and a very interesting subject, especially related to our generation that is so obsessed with electronics.

I totally agree with you. e-waste pollution is actually a very big problem worldwide and we need to find solution about it. In order to stop harmful pollutents to be releases continously, we should take the problem by it source. By that I mean that reducing our consuption would be the first step towards the preventiong of this problem. Overconsuption is making even more waste. We should always think before buying a new electronic device and ask ourself if we really need it. For example, changing our cell phone or computer every year just because a new model has released will produce way more e-waste pollution than just keeping the same device for many years.

Charles, your project is very interesting, thank you for sharing it! Your idea to install recycling facilities for electronic waste at your school is very brilliant! If you don't mind, I would like to add a few more thoughts to this whole e-waste thing: I think that there is not enough awareness about the consequences of e-waste right now. We should put some efforts into spreading the information to the population. I cannot believe that people change their 800$ cellphone as soon as a newer model comes out. This blows my mind every single time! It is not only e-waste, but also a big money waste! In another hand, giants like Apple and Samsung also do major updates on their system so that your cellphone get really slow once the update is installed. JUST DON'T DO THE UPDATES! That's the best way to keep your phone responsive and fast! People needs to be smarter and people needs to be more educated on the consequences of changing their electronic devices just for the luxury of getting the newest gadget. I hope my thoughts will ring a bell to some of you and that awareness will be considered to decrease e-wasted in the future!

Claudia M.

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