The Shoreline Project Assignment

by Shirly Mei on December 3, 2017 - 11:43pm

1)      One thing that I did not know about climate change and learned after reviewing the site is that beach erosions associated with the rise in the ocean level are mainly caused by the warming climate. To deal with beach erosion a practice called beach replenishment are often done. Beach replenishment means replacing or adding a large quantity of sands that drifted away. It is done to provide shore protection or erosion control but often does not work because the waves wash it away.

2)      a) The Atlas is a map that displays the issues that are currently happening around the world. There are blue and yellow dots placed all around the globe to show us it is an international problem. The blue dots represent an issue around the area which is explained by a text and a short video. The yellow dots are connected to 1 or many blue dots by lines. There’s also a legend on the top right corner which shows the area affected when I click on it.

         b) For example, a blue dot situated on Biscayne Bay tells us that there are plans to expand a Turkey Point nuclear plant which could cause a disaster. A yellow dot from Sacramento is connected to the blue dot.

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