The Shoreline Assignment

by taricha on December 3, 2017 - 10:22pm

  • One thing that came as a complete surprise to me on this site was the involvement of the video-game community in bringing awareness to the issue. Merging a video game, something often used as a form of distraction from the real world for many people, and a critical issue so that users (both indirectly and directly affected by climate change) can develop a deeper intrapersonal understanding of the effects of global climate change is kinda innovative. Developers specifically target younger people, as they are the future and will ultimately be left to fix or deal with this problem. I feel like the emphasis on representing the scale of the effects of the changing conditions help its widespread (the videogame) seeing that (in my opinion) we're a growingly visual generation. 
  • The Atlas consists of a world map dedicated to pinpoint different areas that are either currently affected or at different risk levels or being affected. Each blue dots represents an area, that, when clicked on, information about the environment, economic, or conditions of that area appears. As explained in the legend on the very top of the page, the green areas show where the different mangroves, the red and blue areas display the wetlands (at risk and protected), the pinkness of certain parts of the atlas indicate population density, and finally. Overall, the atlas in a short recap of all the videos posted on the site. I feel that the data does tell a story in some cases, for example, it talks about Norwegian citizens' involvement in combatting things they deem bad for the environment, or how Florida energy companies have neglected certain issues concerning water levels. In the case of FL, it makes me wonder if most Floridians are aware, have they done anything, has the government done anything, etc,? 





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