The Shore Line Project Assignment

by Shadanté on December 2, 2017 - 3:41pm

1) I learned that climate change is even affecting professions that has nothing to do with it to take a stand against it. For example, video game developers are working on games that simutales the affects of climate change and how one must maneuver around them.

2.a) The Atlas section displays the world map with blue dots (signifying a problem concerning climate change) and human emojis (signifying ones who were affecting by those dilemma) placed all over the map. By clicking a blue dot, it'll show you a description of what's going on in that area and by clicking the human emoji, it'll show you a link of where the problem remains as they now live in a different continent.

b) For example, a human emoji, that's in San Francisco, moved from Carti Sugdup, Pananma beacuse of over population, storms and missing infrastructures like a sewage system. The indivual even moved from Biscayne Bay, Miami because of the constant storms and the expansion of the Turkey Point power plant forshadows a dark future. This and many other data tells us stories of how people from around the world are looking to live somewhere that's being constant bombarded by natural/man made disasters.  

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