The shore line assignement

by Sebastian on December 4, 2017 - 2:22pm

1. I was unaware that all of this was happening right now, i always thought that the future generations were the ones that would get to experience all of this. The sea level is is increasing at an abnormaly fast rate. The villages near the coast will have to evacuate because of the floodings.

2. The atlas is a map of the world. There is a bunch of dots on it and they are all connected together by lines. It appear to be showing the areas affected right now by the climate change. You can move the map around, zoom in and zoom out. There's a couple of blue dots and when you click on them you get a little information about the area.

Yes the data tells a story. For example there is this indigenous village that live near the sea, they have a strong realationship with it but they are vulnerable to flooding and storms. Eventually they will have to leave their village

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