Representation of men and women in TV, 1950-2000

by Kelvin on October 16, 2017 - 2:25am

1) Identify 3 television shows to explain how men/dads/husbands have been depicted since the early days of TV (1950-2000)

1. Father Knows Best

2. Leave it to Beaver

3. The Andy Griffith Show


2) What was unique about the Archie character in All In The Family?

Archie is very different from the type of father characters usually shown on television during the early days of TV. Unlike the others, Archie wasn’t the righteous, reliable, perfect father that knew the answers to everything. Instead, Archie was a lazy man that often loses control over his family. He also has no filter when it comes to expressing his thoughts. That being said, these are the very elements that make him a unique and likable character.


3) Identify 3 television shows to identify how women have been depicted since the early days of TV 

1. I Love Lucy

2. The Mary Tyler Moore Show

3. Roseanne


4) How was the "ideal" women represented over time in TV, and, how and why did the representation change?

The “ideal” woman was portrayed to be the prim, proper, happy stay-at-home wife that was always there for her husband. Then, along with the feminist movement and the appearance of woman figures in the areas of writing and producing, the representation of women in TV changed. Women started to develope more of an independance and were overall more realistic. Some displayed more backbone and some showed the daily struggles of being a mother. They were no longer idealized and were a more accurate representation of women in reality.   

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