"Are you your aesthetic?"

by taricha on October 25, 2017 - 10:26pm

Honestly, in part, I think I am my aesthetic as I end up wearing whatever I want, regardless of what people think. However, I feel as my aesthetic slightly varies as I get older. As for now, I enjoy really warm colours that contrast heavily against different skin tones. My aesthetic is a bit toned down but not dull. For example, I don't enjoy looking at or even wearing things that have elements that don't flow because they contrast too much and in the wrong areas. For the most part, it involves maximum comfort, as well. The last thing I'd want to do is plan out an amazing look, a project, etc, and not be able to make it work because I wasn't fully in my element. I appreciate simple things that stand out, and extravagant things that are composed of simple things. These simple things enable a person to put effort into making them more than they actually are by building or removing from them. I feel that a defining element of my aesthetic is enjoying other people's aesthetic(s), seeing that they take on a lot of things that I wouldn't do, or am not capable of and run with it. I love the fact that there are people that can make overly flashy or disoriented things work effortlessly. My aesthetic is everchanging but never transforming, I can build on it and remove from it and still maintain its integrity, as previously mentioned. I think that's pretty cool. Nonetheless, I am not aesthetic since I can't always afford to be, fashion-wise, or even personality-wise. Maybe that's just the universe working against me for the greater good because if I could afford to buy or make everything needed to expand and explore my aesthetic, and find the time to do so: no one would be ready. I can confidently say I would probably stunt on everyone and everything, every day. 

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