"Are You Aesthetic?"

by Kelvin on October 25, 2017 - 10:21pm

Am I my aesthetic? Not entirely. Before going to CEGEP, I went to a school where it was required to wear a uniform. While this did make things easier in the morning since you didn’t need to pick out your own clothing, I started to find myself feeling quite bland. Don’t get me wrong, the uniforms didn’t look bad or anything; it’s just that looking the same everyday, excluding weekends of course, for 5 years wasn’t the most exciting thing. Hair dye was also prohibited to some extent so I was stuck with my almost burnt looking dark brown hair. Naturally, after leaving secondary, I changed up my hair color experimenting here and there so that it fits more what I find more aesthetically pleasing. I’m now also free to wear whatever I please which is quite refreshing and makes me feel a lot less restricted. With this freedom, I am able to choose how I’d look for the day, but I am still nonetheless limited in some ways. I quite like layering clothing such as wearing an open hoodie, a jacket or some kind of extra clothing on top of a t-shirt or whatever I’m wearing underneath. However, on inconceivably hot days like the ones we experienced earlier in the past months, I can't really dress the way I want without feeling like I’m about to die of a heatstroke. But guess what? I’ve found out that for some reason my body also overheats by being outside on the warm days that have been passing by. Not only that, but the clothes I enjoy wearing are noticeably, at least to me, getting more and more worn out as the graphics start to crack and the fabric slowly starts to pill and/or loses its color. There’s also the fact that I find myself looking quite gloomy most of the time making me seem uninterested, mad, unhappy and such while I’m really not. All of these things suck, but, in the end, I don’t really mind.


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