America In Prime Time Assignment

by Alison on October 15, 2017 - 6:28pm

1. 3 television shows that explain how men/dads/husbands have been depicted are The Dick Van Dyke Show, Father Knows Best and Leave It to Beaver. They showed the typical man who would go to work and bring home the ‘bacon’ for the family. He would come home and expect a home cooked dinner on the table, a pretty wife waiting for them with kids that are clean and behaved. They would all be respectful to each other and the father would make all the decisions.


2.What was unique about Archie was that he was openly and bluntly racist and prejudice towards anyone who was different from him. He was sexist towards his wife and racist towards black people. It was shocking to the audience because during that time would not be honest or show the truth of the times. They would air shows that demonstrated the ideal family life.


3. 3 television shows that demonstrated the ideal woman/mom/wife of the times were The Donna Reed Show, Leave It To Beaver Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show. They portrayed woman as someone who stays home, cares for the home, the kids and the husband. They’re expected to be fulfilled by that role and strive to achieve more. They were expected to act proper and usually were portrayed as ditzy and lacked substance.


4.The ideal woman changed over time because women took over the representation of the ideal woman and made it something they could be proud of. It became about a powerful, independent and smart woman who is more than just someone’s wife or mother. Shows like The Murphy Brown Show, I Love Lucy and Roseanne showed women striving to be more than what men expected them to be and striving to have more in their life. It allowed women to no longer have to fit in a particular mold, it gave them freedom.



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