Am I My Aesthetic?

by Miguel on October 26, 2017 - 1:25pm

I’ll answer to the question as I understand it, “are you how you look on the surface?”

yes and not.

If we are talking about physical appearance, like clothes, fashion, body form. Then I am absolutely not how I appear on the surface, because what I wear or even how I wear it doesn’t define me, but some people may attribute their personality and who they are onto what they wear, maybe for the search of an identity, or others just wear something to appear in a certain way to the people around them. I personally wear popular brands like Vans, because I want my neighbor to respect me and accept me, but I know that in my point of view they only accept me for how I look and maybe not for who I am, that's spiritually unhealthy and it's something that I must change.


On the other hand, my body posture can tell that I’m not someone confident and proud about myself and thanks to the Lord, that made me into a humbler person, so I think that my body posture, can reveal who I am. Getting a bit spiritual, I believe that my aesthetic shows the perfect creation of God that I am, obviously is the same for all of humanity, the Lord made us based on his likeness which is perfect, and I'm referring to our physical form, because is true that we are morally imperfect and evil, but our physique is still shaped like the one whose perfection is above of everyone and everything else in the universe.


So my answer depends on my understanding of aesthetic.


Respond to the question, "Are you your aesthetic?"