Aesthetic Assignment

by Alison on October 24, 2017 - 10:38am

My aesthetic is somewhat complicated. What i find to be beautiful is outgoing, but simple and classic at the same time. I find there is a certain appreciation for something that has effort, time and thought put into it. Yet still maintains a certain simple. classic and clean look. I think that being able to stand out and still look effortless is aestheticly pleasing. For example, a Tesla is a car that stands out because it is truly unique yet at the same time it is effortless and simple. I do not believe that i represent my own aesthetic because i am too lazy and overwhelmed by other things in my life that i do not have the time or energy to plan out things like outfits, hair, makeup, and room layout for example in order to achieve that kind of aesthetic. Also price wise maintaining that kind of aesthetic is expensive because nowadays people will charge more for simple and classic things because they know that we live in a mostly minimalist society so simple and classic things are in demand. Though i still make efforst from time to time, i still have not achieved to become my own aesthetic, but i still strive to accomplish and fully become that aesthetic one day.


You mention that we live in a minimalist society, which is true in the terms of today's modern aesthetic. I find it quite ironic though that despite living in a society with minimalist style, we are the opposite of minimalist when it comes to our consumerist and materialistic habits and lifestyle. 'You have to purchase certain items to obtain minimalism' is quite the contradiction. You alluded to this when you described the high costs of maintaining the " simple, classic look". Interesting points!

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