Simply Ageless Foundation

by coraliedallaire on November 13, 2017 - 6:19pm


1.     The media message associates the new Covergirl foundation to happiness through the name of the products and the smile of Ellen DeGeneres. In fact, the name of the product is “The Simply Ageless’ foundation, this product is supposed to make you look younger and prettier and when you feel well in your skin you are happier. People even confuse you with a baby of three years old. The advertisement shows how happy you are after putting it on and feeling younger than ever. It said that with another liquid foundation you will look like a prune and that it will gather into the wrinkles and make the skin look older. Ellen DeGeneres is happy and she smiles and laughs with this foundation on her face. In the advertising there are many jokes that can be funny and make us remember the advertising and smile.


1      The happiness that is portrayed is an emotional happiness because the person feels better and younger while wearing the foundation. This is an emotional happiness also because the product affects the feeling of people, the other people think that she is beautiful.


2      The message illustrates a little bit the concept of conspicuous consumption because people will buy this product so that they will look better and can impress people. The message is bad because it says that when people gets older they are less beautiful so they need a foundation to make them look better. The person that wears this foundation looks younger and with a perfect skin and the advertising said that as if it was the only foundation with these results. The people will buy it even if they already have a foundation just because the advertising said that they will look younger and have a perfect skin. This is the concept of materialism because people buy more and more even if they do not necessary need a new foundation. Also, the cosmetic industry has changed our idea of age and aging; it is now seen as something that is shameful and that needs hiding, which is possible by spending money. They have created a need that should not exist. In our society people feel that the only measure of success is determined by how much money and prestige you have. So, people buy this foundation to look great in front of other people. People think they are beautiful and look younger so they will start thinking that with the foundation really makes them more beautiful and that will feel better in their own skin.


3      The advertising shows one of the values of our society that is to feel good in our own skin more precisely with the power of makeup in this case.  Our society thinks that being young is the time where everything happen and that being old is boring and that all your life is behind you but being old is not a bad thing and having wrinkles is bad but I think this is the beauty of being old, having a past and a lot of experiences.   


4.     The message is successful because what they wanted to say is clear, I will may be think that this is a good product after watching the advertising. No, I do not think that because of this I think different now. There is two different type of beauty, when we are young and when we grew up but we are beautiful in both ways.


5.     Yes, it is possible to be only attracted to this advertisement because it is funny and colourful but some people do not feel the need to buy to product even though. We realize that this is impossible to be confused with a baby only by putting some foundation and that this is all exaggerated. I think that the company denigrates aging and makes, look young, as the label. Like if we needed to look young even at 50 years old when it is completely impossible. What is possible is to be beautiful even though.


6.     I think that this is a good way to sell their products because people see the vibes of the advertising, but I am really not the type of person that will be bought those kind of things because I saw it on an advertising. I know when something look fake or not, I am not influenced by those kind of things. I know that a foundation cannot make someone look like a five years old baby.





I think you made a very good analysis of the video that was presented. Because Ellen Degeneres is very famous andknown to be funny and an overall nice person, people will associate this product more to happiness than if it was advertised by some supermodel that nobody really knows or enjoys. I think you made a good point by saying that people want to attain what they see, and what they see is a happy person. Therefore, some will think that, to be happy, they need to consume, which is exactly what the marketing world wants: fool us into buying things that we do not necessarly need. Good job!

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