Who's affected by fake news?

by catherinebouchard on February 7, 2018 - 11:52am

Who’s affected by fake news?
The notion of fake news has made a lot of controversy especially in the last years during the contentious US presidential campaign. Nowadays with the omnipresence of social media, many falsehoods are spread to entice marketing money or to value a political cause. Although, fake news has repercussions far outside politics. Because of that, the verification of sources is now crucial for legacy media, but also for social-media platforms.
We often hear about fake news in politics, notably since the last run for the US presidential because numerous fake stories came up and these certainly had consequences on the election. Since then, many countries notice the issue.
However, politicians are not the only one affected by this phenomenon. Media organizations and advertisers also live the fallouts of falsified information but they took actions like law about removing fake news content on social media for example. Even though there’s still discussion going on about the legitimacy and responsibility of the source. On their side, brands simply go for advertising that are more direct simply to have more hold on where their ads can be posted.

According to me, the article is credible because it just makes a clear outline of the polemic with factual examples. The articles does not present a certain point of view but at the end, it definitely promote the panel about fake news that one of the members of the website host. It is probably why the author wrote an article about that topic but that does not change the validity of the situation and of the facts that are presented.

Here's who fake news affects most, Daniel Jason, Business Insider, Jun. 5, 2017



I definitely agree with you when you say "that topic but that does not change the validity of the situation and of the facts that are presented.". I also loved the idea of you criticize your own article. In my opinion you could write about the author, because credibility is not only about how clear the information is explained, because there is a lot of good fake news out there. So I founded a link about him.https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-jason/.
I hope that my comment helps you to have a different point of view of your own article.

Thank you!

After reading your post, I love the structure of your news summary where you started of with a question to the readers then went on by giving us a general statement of how fake news made a lot of controversy. Furthermore, you've used an enriched vocabulary that allowed me to expand my own vocabulary for instance, the word "polemic" which I had to search the definition to fully comprehend the post.
However, you could have elaborated in the political aspect of fake news rather than just stating: “numerous fake stories came up and these certainly had consequences on the election”. Also, the article cannot be seen as credible because you believe they provided a clear outline you need to be able to showcase who the author, his background and his experience in a journalist field. An individual’s credibility needs to be given by factual statements rather than because you believe he did a good job.
All in all, this was an interesting topic that could have been explained and elaborated a little further.

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