Fake news: A dangerous weapon

by MJoëlle on February 7, 2018 - 11:49am

The current generation suffers from a global phenomenon called fake news. Journalists who publish misinformation that affects others in a bad way is mostly what generates fake news. These news are a big concern for the society because they often cause damage to individuals, political parties and institutions. For example, some journalists said that the Barisan Nasional government won the last elections because they had imported 40 000 Bangladeshis to vote for them when in facts, no one ever found a proof about this declaration and still, some people believe this story. Some people also use fake news to deny allegations against themselves. The best example for this type of situation is Donald Trump who constantly tries to attenuate everything he says by claiming it is fake news when it actually is not always fake. Happily, some politicians like Emmanuel Macron are trying to fix this issue by putting forward laws that would banish any misinformation during elections. Germany has already acted in this battle by implementing a law that protects its population from fake news. The scariest part about this phenomenon is that we no longer have any congruence on what constitutes the facts. In addition, no one wants to break the liberty to say or publish whatever you want but it has become too big to sit still and do nothing about it.


As for the credibility of the article I read, I strongly believe in the information provided in this article because the author is a senior fellow at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies Malaysia so he is an educated human who has personally been through this problem in Malaysia. His social status shows me he truly knows about fake news. Additionally, most of the topics addressed in the text were subjects I had already heard about from reliable sources.


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Author: Sholto Byrnes

​January 30, 2018



The post was very well laid out. I like how you explain everything clearly. It really helps me and other readers to fully understand the article and the problems that you are writing about. You also gave a lot of examples which I think is beneficial because it makes your article so much more reliable. I agree with you, fake news can really damage the individual or a group of people and it becoming more and more dangerous. However, even though you have already talk about the author of the article. I suggest that you should include into your article a link to the author, just to make it more credible so people can believe what you are saying about the author is true and his article is reliable. I included this link as an example for you: http://www.isis.org.my/index.php/aboutus/peopleisis/research-staff/1860.

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