Racist “Texters”, what a sad world

by MikeRomito on December 7, 2015 - 10:44pm

This article written by Melissa Chan on October 3rd 2015 entitled “Mass. high school students suspended over racist texts mocking black class president” is about 6 students from a Massachusetts high school making racial remarks about their newly elected black senior class president. The students used many racial remarks in a group chat referring to the elected president. The students even made a petition on a website to remove him as president, the petition stated, “He shouldn’t be president, impeach him, and imagine him doing your graduation speech”. The students were suspended and School officials apologized to the student and his family and called this incident “regrettable”. The students who made these racial remarks haven’t been charged with a crime even though these comments were disturbing it doesn’t amount to a criminal offense. The school president says he will focus on being president and brush off these racist remarks and try to bring everyone together in light of these events. 

            According to the article by Jared Diamond “Race without Color”, race has nothing to do with our intellect or our physical capabilities and we know this because race has no use in our survival. The article does a good job at simply explaining the situation that occurred but I would have liked to hear more about the repercussions on the children who were making racial slurs towards the class president. Then even if we know that race has no importance in differentiating us as humans it seems to be somewhat sociably acceptable to judge people based on the color of their skin. It is very disappointing to hear of such things, that kids are behaving in racist manners and even though I believe the right measures were taken by the school to suspend the students, it is not the only solution. I believe the solution must come from society, to change the way we think and stop categorizing and labeling people by things as stupid as race.


            - Chan,M. (October 3rd, 2015) “Race without Color” retrieved December 7th,2015             http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/6-suspended-racist-texts-black-... president-article-1.2384015



I found your post very interesting because racism in school is a big issue still today. I wanted to express my opinion on this particular case where a black president got insulted by few students.
First, I feel extremely sorry for the black senior president. By being a president, He involves himself in school activities. He represents the voice of other students. Those racists’ students did not want a black individual to make speeches and to represent the school. I do not understand that still many people believe that African-American are inferior. Maybe these students did not believe blacks are inferior, but would have prefer a white to be president. Why? I do not understand, skin color is not an argument! Being a good president is not based on one’s physical traits. Based on Diamond’s argument, Race does not define behaviors. In today’s society, I feel like some people are still racist but does not show it. Texting is implicit; therefore a form of democratic racism. People know that if they say explicitly for example: “I do not want a black president”, they will get hate by other people. Thus, racism is today a discrete and hypocritical form because people fear to be hated.
In today’s society, people do not want to get judged. They know racism is still a big issue and they do not want to be seen as “racist”. However, many people did not change their mindsets about old stereotypes concerning blacks or other minorities. They just do not shared their beliefs and pretend that racism is a thing from the past.

First of all I found the title very interesting because it was talking about discriminating texts about a black individual and I wanted to know more about how this was possible that they found out. I feel bad for the senior president because he did not even do anything to deserve all this hatred in his back. It is even more disturbing that the students attack him when he is involved in all the school activities and things that will be going on with the students to make it more entertaining for them. Unfortunately for certain people, race seems to be a problem in the way they act when it fact it has no relation in any way. It sucks because in today’s society people still believe in racism and do things that they do not think hurt people when it really can. Texting is a very discrete way to say some racist comments like this. Personally I do not think that these students are very racist, I think it is just immature jokes that go way to far and they do not think they will be caught because by texting it, it is behind their backs and it is easy to comment on these people. They should upgrade their mentality on other races because with closed minded people like them, the world will not go very far. In fact it will only be worst for society in general that racism is still going on even in schools where education is the most important thing in our system.