The Intentions Behind The Apology Remain Questionable

by Sbrideau on October 15, 2015 - 10:16pm


                The article “Black Women Booted from California Wine Train Sue for Discrimination” was written by Reuters. It was published in the New York Times October 1st, 2015. This article describes how eleven members of the “Sistahs on the Reading Edge Book Club” were discriminated against. Their book club consisted of ten African -American women and only one Caucasian woman.  On august 22, the group was kicked off the Napa Valley Wine Train for allegedly being too loud. The women felt that they were being discriminated against, they stated that as a minority they were more likely to be shushed at and alienated. The lawsuit that they filed accuses the company of posting false information about the women that describe them as physically and verbally abusive.  The CEO of the company Wine Train CEO issued a public apology. 

                I believe the article “Black Women Booted from California Wine Train Sue for Discrimination”    by Reuters illustrates how the problem of racial discrimination is still present in society. The fact that the group consisted mostly African American women and was kicked off the train for apparently being too loud leaves us questioning the true reason behind their forced departure. Taking into consideration the history of racial discrimination towards African Americans, some of us might think the Napa Valley Wine Train company’s reasoning for kicking the women off the train was just an excuse to hide their racist views.  I disagree with the company for kicking the women off because we live in a free society where we are allowed to openly practice our rights and communicate with others in public places without being discriminated against. Understandably, the women were on a form of public transit rather than in a library where the rule of silence is fairly strict.  The women had every right to express themselves and I believe that racial identity is what got them removed from the train. As Smedley mentioned, in this society, racial identity has become more important than the actual human qualities that these people possess. After this incident received media attention, the CEO of the Napa Valley Wine Train company issued a public apology to the women.  The apology in itself was a nice gesture however the intentions behind the apology remain questionable.  I believe the only reason the CEO apologized was because the issue received a lot of media attention, had it not been for this attention I don’t think the CEO would have apologized.


Reuters.(october1,2015). Black Women Booted From California Wine Train Sue For Discriminatination. New York times, Web.


This summary intrigued me because I think its crazy how racism has become such a subtle matter when prejudice and racial profiling has become part of our society. I think the author, Steph222, is completely right when she says that racial identity was probably a huge factor in the women’s departure from the train. The history of racism towards black people is not in the past, in my opinion, it is just as much of a problem now, it just changed from the surface to the background. This is proven though Smedley’s article because she explains how race has become part of our culture. Unfortunately, race has become one of the features that defines how we treat people. I think this is what has happened to the women in this case, they were treated wrongly because of their race. People should be able to act freely regardless of their skin colour. I think we need to stop seeing racism as an issue of the past and see it as problem still around today. Shouldn’t we focus on this problem in order to stop the consequences of racism that surround us constantly?

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