June 9th

by Kohli95 on October 14, 2014 - 10:57pm


In the month June of 2014, a person named Justin Bourque from Moncton, shot two Canadian Mountain Police, and also injured another two officers aswell. Justin Bourque was using a simple hand gun, he was using a high power semi-automatic rifle,which causes great suspicion on who this guy was and how he had access to that type of weapon. The 24 year old pleaded guilty and is still expecting another court date late october of this year. Justin's crime, being a serious one, was sentenced to 75 year in jail without parole, while the discovery of Justin not be not mentally stable to go on trial after getting psychiatric assesments. The father of the shooter, Victor Bourque told the police that he was not mentall stable and that the father kicked Justin out of the house when the father found out he had brought a gun in the house days before the incident.

A) I believe that Justin Bourque should have been given the proper help that he needed, he should have been seeing a doctor, or the police should have been notified for when he was ranting and acting paranoid. The problems that Justin was facing prior to the shooting with the police were making him mentally unstable.

B) I believe that Justin should have recieved treatment of rhis paranoia anf the different rants that he was making to the police, which made the authorites take Justin as a joke and not seriously, which lead him to picking him a semi automatic rifle and killing the two cops and injuring the other two cops. Therefore I feel like he had gotten treatment then the shooting could have been avoided.

C) I believe that his family could have made the different and were able to prevent the attack if they had just taken him seriously and tried to find help together with his family. If his family stepped in the whole situation could have been totally avoided and Justin could have got the help he needs, which now he can't and has to face the consequences to his actions.






I agree with what you wrote. Justin needed both a diagnosis and treatment. It could have prevented the deaths of those police officers, and a prison sentence for the obviously mentally ill.

Unfortunately it is difficult to recognize the depth of the mental illness, and this is a case where clearly it wasn't seen early enough. I agree that police should have been called earlier, and I also think the father should have reported the assault rifle earlier for prevention.

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