June 9th

by phillip on October 10, 2014 - 5:35pm

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Before the event of June 4th, Justin Bourque always had a problem with police force for quit some time and had facebook feeds on his account his hate towards them for reasons unknown. His parents say that they tried to find help for him, but were never able to get it.

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What happen onto June 4th was the murder of three police Mounties and two wounded Mounties. Justin Bourque in Moncton New Brunswick committed this crime between 7:13pm-8: 15pm. A local called in for saying a man with two rifles in camofash was walking around. When the Mounties arrived he opened fire leading to some of their death. Justin was then later captured and had the city into lockdown for 2 days. After wards they brought him to court. The first day they didn’t request a psychiatric test, but the second trial they did. They gave him 75 years of prison with no chance of parole.


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I think he might have had a mental problem, but not enough to say that he did it because of a mental disorder. I think he did it by choice. The reason why I say this is because he was always targeting police officers event before the event. Show that he had something against them for a very long time.

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The trigger of his action is unknown, but I think the reason is that he had enough of the authority. I think that something happen along time ago that only he knows that lead him to cause this. Because it seems that he planed to kill this police officers as he had two rifles and military uniform as well. So he was prepared

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I feel like what they could of done, is people actually helping him and answering to his parents that were trying to get him help and no one came to help him at all.


I agree with you thinking he might of had a mental problem even though we can't say a mental disorder, but as you said the reality is he did it by choice. He planned and went through with his plan by paranoia. As you said i agree people should of actually helped him but no one helped him which is why this event happened.

If we know someone with a problem we should confront them or people to help them so this doesn't happened.

I agree with your opinion of him not having a completely diagnosable mental illness, there is so much room for assumption with regards to his motives, he clearly seemed aware of what he was doing as well as seeming to go about this by choice. His problem with authority is evident so it is no coincidence that 5 RCMP officers were the victims of his rampage. I also think that the parents response to his issues were very poor and help should have been given.

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