Suicide and depression awareness program reaches 750,000 teenagers - The Partners for Life program plays a major role in reducing the youth suicide rate in Québec

by zachmitchell93 on December 13, 2013 - 9:22pm


"The Mental Health Foundation" is a very large foundation that goes cross country. The main thing that they do is bring awarness to others about mental illnes since it is a subject not many know about in depth. I believe what they do is important because letting people know about the severity of mental illness is something that is needed. Especially when an individual might think they need to battle a mental illness alone and are either too affraid or shy to talk to someone about it. 

This organization also provides support for people with some mental illnesses mainly depression. 

A way people can support this foundation is by hosting a fundraiser or other events to raise money for the foundation, or you can send a donation over their website at "

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