Controversial Insomnia Drug

by MSmith_17 on October 15, 2013 - 3:13pm

The article talks about A Panel of medical experts have determined that an experimental insomnia drug from the company Merck & Co is now safe

and effective. Despite claims from trial runs that the pill causes daytime sleepiness and difficulty driving. The panel voted that the drug helped

patients get to sleep and to stay awake. Merck and Company has suggested a 10 milligram dose but the FDA has asked for a reduced dose

because it might be safier for the patients. The FDA did agree with Merck on 15 milligram doses for elderey patients.  The goal of the FDA is to start

out slow with small doses and limit the amount that they will sell, and if the drug is effective then the FDA will increase the dose and the amount that they 

will sell.  If this drug evers hits the market it will become the first in a new group of drugs that aid sleep.  If approved this drug could hit the market by the

end of 2014 or early 2015.



Hopefully this drug can be put out onto the market to help people who suffer from insomnia
because Insomnia is a serious issue and should be paid attention too.

I completely agree with you statement about the new drug that can help insomnia patients because it’s medical issue that has to be treated. I find that it’s a good way of starting the drugs with a low dose and if it doesn’t work they can higher the dose according to their need. I approve for this drug and hope it goes into the market in the future so that people can have better sleep.

the more i think about it the drug can be revoultionary in terms of being the first drug to really
control insomnia and maybe could lead to solving other mental health problems in the futture.

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