Pink vs Blue: Why does it matter?

by Ryjay125 on October 26, 2016 - 6:49pm

Everything in this world seems to be geared towards whether you're a boy or a or women. Everything from jobs to the toys children play with. Toys? Yes toys dictate whether it's for a boy or a girl. Pink-girl, blue-boy. Action figures vs baby dolls, kitchen sets vs tool sets. Who says all girls like pink and want to pretend to cook and clean or that all boys want to build and wrestle? Maybe, just maybe a girl loves blue and likes superheros or a boy likes to cook and likes dolls. Would this be so bad? What could be possibly wrong with this scenario? So why do toy company's keep putting out gendered specific toys? Toys are suppose to help children learn, grow and become creative and not dictate which toys they should be playing with. Even in stores such as Walmart or Target they have their aisles designated for either boys or girls. How does this help our children express themselves and learn about the kind of person they want to be? I say put aside the stereotypes for boys and girls; let kids be kids and just play with endless possibilities.


I agree with your opinion. I think people can choose anythings and express one's self freely, and gender shouldn't decide what they should be. There's no accounting for tastes. I believe that toy companies have target market for each product and the marketing strategy, so they determined the concept of the product, like superheros for boys. Toy companies know most boys like superheros and it sells more than superheros toys for girls. I think the company focus on the business more children's personality. It is the most important to be what children want to become.

I was drawn to your post because of the title. Just from the title I had an inclination it would be discussing gender stereotypes that begin from such an early age. Pink is for girls, blue is for boys. But, why? Why should we place limitations on the minds of our young ones? Why should we make them believe they can only be "this", but not "that". It's time to leave the gendered toys behind and allow toys to just be toys, for all kids. When I looked a little further into the article you posted, I found a website that I think you might enjoy to look at. It discusses this issue in great detail and exactly why it matters to young ones. It is actually a campaign that wants to put an end to pink vs blue.

This is a awesome topic, one I can relate too. Growing up i was never into pink girly things in fact my favorite color was blue.But now as an adult i am into pink all things pink but love blue too. I also used to be a preschool teacher and I have seen this very issue happen in front of my eyes. There was a child who loved to dress up in princess clothing he walked around the whole classroom in it, well one day his father came in early and saw his son in a dress and flipped out and said " why is he in a dress, he should be playing with trucks" it was sad to watch this happen. So we explained to the father that kids are allowed to pretend to be anything and He still was mad about the situation all we could do was make sure that when we knew the father was picking up his child didn't have the dress on. Although we would let him wear it during the rest of the day. I believe kids should be able to love pink, or blue, or whatever they want too.

I appreciate the fact that you identify who is responsible for this situation. Companies like Hasbro and Mattel know what they are doing and they will continue to do so. The reason why this is happening is because our society has adopted the hegemonic masculinity ideology.
This essentially promotes and empowers the white straight male and creates what is described as the “Man Box”. It is characteristics or personality traits a boy or man should have when growing up. Intimidating and powerful being some of them, it only makes sense that action figures are muscular and designated for boys. Something nurturing like taking care of baby dolls doesn’t really fit the criteria, which is why they are designated as girl toys.
Although the toys may be gender labeled, we should not let the children be influenced and allow them to feel free to choose whatever they wish to play with. I hope that the major toy companies would understand this problem and take initiative.
There is a link that explains it pretty well the whole principle of it and it’ll be below if you want more information:

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