To Gain Followers or Not to Gain?

by IJS585 on October 29, 2016 - 6:17pm


Digital marketing has been changing over the last decade and on the rise for launching brands and campaigns daily.  Social media has been one of the prime agents in strategizing marketing amongst companies globally. This includes but not limited to travel and tourism, banks, automotive industry, beauty brands, etc. I will be using three articles, “Digital advertising landscape is evolving”, “Museums, the New Social Media Darlings”, and “11 Reasons You’re Not Getting Traction on Social Media” to discuss how digital advertising has evolved and that free social media channels can be used to our advantage in digital marketing. The argument I raise is that social media is a great tool in digital advertising, but if there is little “traction” it isn’t any help to marketing your business.

Cariappa (2015) points out that, “online advertising spending which totaled at U.S $300 million in the MENA region in 2013 is increasing at a 37 per cent growth rate per year and is expected to reach an astounding U.S $1 billion in 2016” (pp. 1-3).  Marketers must try and target consumers strategically and innovatively to trigger impulse buys and acknowledgment of companies. “According to a report, 80 per cent of smartphone users in UAE take a quick decision on purchases when their interest is triggered through digital marketing. Around 75 per cent of consumers in UAE decide to purchase a product they would not normally even consider – because of relevant information easily available on their smartphone” (Digital Advertising Landscape is Evolving, 2015 p.2). This brings me to the article that I read in New York Times “Museums, the New Social Media Darlings”.  The Los Angeles County Museum of art wanted to appeal to the younger generations and get the word out about different art pieces that would connect teenagers and the young people. So, they strategized and created an app in accordance to these masses. Lucy Redoglia the museums social media manager stated ““These are people who may not be interested in art right away, but might find a connection through something that we post.” In 2014 the Los Angeles County Museum was the first to join snapchat in 2014 accumulating 220,000 followers and about 85,000 views per snap, which is incredible. Per author Kerry Hannon (2016) “46.8% of its users are between the ages of 18 and 24 as of last December” (pp. 1).  This museum also uses many other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter nearing almost two million followers across all platforms and close to 89 million viewers (Hannon, 2016, p.1).  But, for smaller businesses or companies that just don’t know how to utilize the digital marketing avenue may not have a successful story as the Los Angeles County Museum has. Erskine (2016) mentions that “social media is one of the most effective tools out there for generating that awareness and catapulting your way out of obscurity” (pp.3-16).


As we approach 2017, social media has been the go to for businesses to thrive. Digital marketing has clearly been evolving and been alive since the internet even came to be. The problem is free social media channels are great tools, but knowing how to be innovative and learn how to spark the interest of followers is difficult. These channels provide great opportunities for advertises, but marketers need to know how to engage their audiences, especially with companies investing thousands of dollars into this.