"Dating Age Ristrictions?"

by StrongFaith on October 25, 2016 - 4:18pm

Nowadays dating starts at a very young age, 13 or maybe 14 for some kids. For others dating is a sense of freedom to date who you want and find a compatible companion that you can have fun with and hang with. For me, dating didn't even come to my mind at that age, I was more focused on other things in life. My whole life, my paretns told me "no dating until your 18" and I had no issue with that. I didn't really start having crushes unitl I was 15 and even then I knew I would wait until I was 18 to start dating.

Personally I think that at the ages kids are dating now is not worth it becuase they are still not mature enough to understand what a relationship is and is about. I am currently 20 years old and still think I am not mature enough for a relationship, I have had many crushes from when I was 15 and I have only been close to a relationship a couple of times. I believe that waiting till you are 18 to date is a smart choice because by then you will know if you are ready or not for a relationship.




Dating is a huge subject, and includes cultural norms. Often societal pressures affect students adversely. Here's what Psychology Today says about some of the pressures associated with dating. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-teen-doctor/201410/when-should-...

I really liked your opinion-based article StrongFaith, your thoughts have a certain relatability to them despite having a controversial edge. A lot of the times, when parents place age restrictions on dating, it can have a lot to do with the tradition and culture of the family but it can also be directly correlated to the gender of the adolescent. From the moment a child is born, they are raised in a way that has everything to do with their gender and almost brainwashed into performing it. With the help of the patriarchal world view, sons are raised in accordance with the hegemonic man box, where they are conditioned to believe, by the help of how they were raised and reinforced by society, that men need to be strong, dominant, athletic, good-looking, stoic and most importantly to get with as many girls as they can whenever they can and as often as possible, all in hopes of proving their masculinity. In a society where that is the guideline, it is no wonder that parents would most likely want to shield their daughters (or sons) from this compulsive heterosexuality, where men are constructed into believing that if they don’t have multiple sexual conquests, they will be stripped of their masculine identities; thus building romantic relationships on the basis of sex and the absence of love or emotion. However, by placing these age restrictions, (in this case referring to girls) they’re stripping girls of possible experiences that’ll help form their sexual liberty and identity, that’ll help them draw the line of boundaries in future relationships; reconstructing the glass ceiling feminists are currently shattering. I don’t think the solution is to shelter teenagers from these experiences, but rather inform their daughters AND sons alike, that the foundation of relationships begins and ends with mutual respect, trust and pure intentions.

Here’s an article on why teen dating is important: http://www.livestrong.com/article/154840-positive-effects-of-dating-for-...

Thank you for the feedback and I understand where you are coming from, raising your kids the right way is the key to giving them a better outlook of how a relationship should go and teach them what is wrong with societies view of them.