Barriers to social supports for older adults being ignored?

by nicolemorey59 on October 27, 2016 - 11:41am

 Social isolation has been proven to play a negative role for elders in terms of physical, cognitive and most importantly emotional health. Social supports play an important role in the lives of older adults, as their lives change many loose spouses and friends that have always been there, leaving many with no social activity. There are many community based organizations for older adults that provide a healthy social environment for those who are socially isolated. The majority of research on social isolation and the services provided older adults takes into account the barriers that prevent these services from being effective. While conducting my research, I found this article that is written for those who care for older adults. The article gives us a general idea of the importance of social supports for older adults and gives briefs review of a few community based options for seniors in need of social supports and how they are beneficial.

  The article I have chosen to focus on is called Social Suppport Activities Lead to a Better Quality of Life As One Ages.The article is written in brief paragraphs that lists some community based organizations that are great in aiding social isolation in older adults as well as supporting research to back her thesis. The author explains the importance of older adults having social supports in their lives. The article explains a few options for community based organizations that provide social supports such as senior centers, adult day care centers and assisted living facilities. These brief paragraphs explain what these centers are for and how they provide some social activity. The opinion of the author is backed by research on how many centers are currently in the United states along with personal interviews from volunteers and seniors who have attended these centers. The article was written for those who provide care for older adults and in my opinion is an easy read and can be understood by someone who has no knowledge of the importance of social supports throughout the aging process.

The author seems to have basic knowledge on this topic and is shown in this article. Although, this article is well written and backed with research I feel there is some missing information that is useful on this topic. There are many barriers that can prevent an older adult from utilizing these community based centers and the result of these barriers prove to be a main factor in social isolation. This article in my opinion, since written for adult care givers is lacking in explaining these barriers. One barrier that I have found throughout my research is the lack of transportation to get these elders to and from these organizations. This is one of the few articles I have found on social isolation that does not discuss this barrier. Although a well written article and informative on the centers that are available to older adults, it is lacking in giving us any information on why these may not be an option for a large portion of older adults. 



Social support activities lead to better quality of life as one ages. (2011, August 8). Retrieved October 10, 2016, from


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Thank you for this great article outlining the social isolation of elders ! You seem to be concerned with the issue as much as I am. Thus, i'd like to share with you an organization i've been researching lately; Little Brothers. Little Brothers really engages with the senior citizens across the province to provide a wide range of services that complement their health and social services. They fight isolation and loneliness with their pairing and celebrations program that allows for elders to have a friend visiting regularly and being with many other people for holidays ! The organization carries two important values; that every human is irreplaceable and unique. This shapes their everyday work they do with thousands of elders. If you wish to volunteer, simply fill in the form available on their website’s volunteer page [] and enjoy !