Teens Use Tennis Lessons To Help Community

by jasonethier25 on April 23, 2014 - 9:20pm

Varsity tennis players Daniel Liu and Calvin Yu decided to offer free tennis lessons to people of the Tongan community in Salt Lake City. After a recent study showed that the Tongan community had one of the highest obesity levels in the state of Utah, Daniel and Calvin decided to give back to their community by offering free lessons to people who were intimidated by going to the gym because of their appearance. Daniel and Calvin believe that their project helps people to interact with other members of the community, and allows them to get healthier without the hassle of going to the gym. With the grant money given by the community, Daniel and Calvin plan to promote other physical activities, and the importance of physical health through-out the community. 


Hello, My name is Keiichi!
I'm univercity student and live in Japan!
I think that obesity is heavy problem because it is related to our life.
This plan is very interested and I think that it is has a good meaning.
In addition, free lesson is very conbinient.
And more, I agree your idea about sport make a relation each human.

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