Abstract:Depression in Teenage Boys

by gabriel_heuvelink on May 15, 2014 - 12:54am


Abstract: The issue of depression in teenage boys in our society is important because what happens during our teenage years affect us for the rest of our lives. Furthermore, we have all once been a teenager and we often wish it would have gone a different way. Although in academia there is some research that has been done, my article puts the subject into more simple terms that the general population can understand. I consulted articles regarding sociology, psychology and education domains in order to garner a multi-disciplinary approach to the matter. As such, my multi-pronged take on the subject allows the reader to get different perspectives on the same issue. In conclusion, my paper can reach out to a wide audience that teaches them about the different aspects of depression in teenage boys and how it comes to be.


Interesting subject! I worked most of the semester on depression but without specifying it on one particular age group. I would be very interested to learn more about the specifics of the subject and learning from the different perspective what could cause depression. I think that it’s a subject everyone should take to heart because it’s a current illness that is being diagnosed massively. Moreover, if it starts affecting people so early on there must be ways to reduce the effect and the diagnosis. However, if I remember correctly it affected more women than men so I am curious on why you decided to specify your research on teenage boys.

This subject relates a bit to me since as a science student, I can really understand how some boys and girls can suffer depression because even though it never happened to me, there are moments when I'm a bit discouraged of the grades we have to maintain as science students to have a well-paid job in the future. However, when those small moments of discouragement happen I try to think about how lucky I am to have everything I have. This though pushes me to continue working hard because I want to benefit from the opportunities that I have.

I agree with you, I do think that whatever happens to us during our adolescence really has an impact on the rest of our lives. I believe that there is a lot of peer pressure between teenage boys. In high school we all had our cliques of friends, and we all wanted to be cool. At some point in our high school careers, we all had to face the pressures of peer pressure. We may have given in or may not, but being pressured into something isn't that fun, therefore I believe that teenage boys who have been peer pressure in to doing things keep it in mind, and it haunts them later on in life because they feel guilty that they didn't have the courage to stand up to their pals and say: ``Hey that's not cool, I will not take part in that``.

This is a great subject that you've chosen. We all know by now that the teenage period is not easy for everyone (boys or girls). And as you mentioned, it is a period that affects us for the rest of our lives because it is during that time that we get to know ourselves better and truly develop our own personality. It is also a great idea to write your paper in "simple terms" to make it accessible to the general public.

Your essay seems really interesting. I was personally attracted to your abstract because I have been doing my research on youth and how cyberbullying can result in depression so I was interested to see that you are working on a somewhat similar subject. I believe you chose interesting academic discipline that can be well related to the subject. Finally, since you make it more accessible to the subject, maybe it will have good repercussions on the population and will raise awareness.

Depression is quite an important problem with teenagers. We always hear those statistics saying how teenager’s suicide rate is so high and so on. But it seems we never do anything about it. Teenage years are probably the hardest period in the life of a human being and people tend to forget how emotionally exhausting it can be. School, relationships and family are things a teenager have to think about and he can hardly achieve a good balance if nobody helps him. It is at those moments of misbalance that a teenager can fall into depression and possibly kill himself. We should keep an eye on teenagers instead of simply letting them do what they want. They are not yet adults after all.

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