Technology is faster than our rights and .. our naivety

by pierre7luc on February 11, 2013 - 1:53pm

Technology is faster than our rights and .. our naivety

According to an article poster on February 5, in the CBCNEWS Montreal, written by Armina Ligaya, “social media technology and the ability for companies to harness our personal information is moving faster than the laws in place, and user knowledge, to protect our privacy”(CBCNEWS). The articles explain that even if you do not use social media such as Facebook or Twitter consequently, and controlling the information that you share, you are not protecting your personal data. The article give the example of the application WhatsApp which has been analyzed by the Canadian and Dutch privacy czars and found that the application was actually sending the whole address book of any user using the application. The company who has now a huge data base of personal information could, sells or trade the data for free services. The danger here is that technology is evolving faster than the laws established by the Canada and many software and company can take advantage of the situation. According to some research made “[o]nly 7% of Canadians read privacy policies” (CBCNEWS). This is another thing that we need to take in consideration since many people authorize and use software without knowing the facts and conditions and that could lead to violation of private informations and rights. I found this article really relevant to myself and my entourage since we are mostly, to do not say all, using social media that are violating our privacy. For my part I would say the same thing as the people from the article : “I may trade some of my data in order to use something like Facebook... There are choices that I’m making and I know the price I’m paying. (CBCNEWS). Next to my reading and as a programmer, I highly recommend to all users to read the read the therms of uses and privacy policies of the software you use. Specially the one that use your personal data and those of your family and friends. Do not worry, they are not always 80 pages long! 

Armina Ligaya CBCNEWS , February 5,


Technology is definitely moving faster than we are. What if someone comes up with a machine that can extract thoughts from people's minds? That would violate so many privacy laws and it would be hard to control who uses the machine. This article reminds me  of the article HaleyMartin posted about revenge porn sites where men put up pictures of their ex-girlfriends online. Here is the link: