Technology, Changing Privacy for Better or for Worse (Abstract)

by JulianLa on May 14, 2013 - 10:42pm

Despite many attempts to better privacy around the world, It is still something that is being overlooked by many and something needs to be done about it. Privacy is a right that concerns everyone and that should be followed. Technology is the main cause for what privacy is facing in this day and age. To get results and get informed on privacy, I searched up academic articles relating to many different aspects of privacy relating to technology. Using what I learned I wrote an essay on privacy and how technology affects it. I learned that the technological age has caused privacy to go into an unstable state. Although technology can be used to improve our privacy, it can equally be used to invade our privacy. Just a few examples are hackers and surveillance cameras. Both of these can serve to help us as well as invade our privacy. However, how we define privacy is ever changing because technology will always keep on evolving.