Start to save some animals, lets work together!

by Yuan-Ku Luo on May 13, 2013 - 10:37pm

After writing so much about animals, like my superpost( about animal rights that discuss this debate in different perspectives, and also inspired by Peter Singe’s utilitarian point of view on animal rights & animal testing( I’ve decided to really go and find a volunteer job and start to know what I can do for animals. The non-profit organization I picked is Animal Rescue Network (I also made a Prezi presentation to show my volunteer experience ), I cannot provide their address because of their policy (in order to avoid people just drop the cats they don’t want in front of ARN headquarter. From the volunteer work, I am in the cleaning team, so my job is to clean cat's cage and change food for them. It might sounds like an easy job but it definitely is not!! ARN organized their cats into different categories, sick cats, mental disorder cats, old cats, anti-social cats, cats that have FIV (the same as human's HIV). And I need to start from cleaning cats that are sick but relatively ok to cats that have FIV. When I am cleaning the cage for FIV cats, I need to put on gloves just in case. At the end, just helping cats is already a lot to do in this field, because each person can only do so much for the world. Therefore we can only save animals by the entire society work together. Before we set animal rights to animal, I think our primary mission is to provide them with a good environment to survive, then, we talk about animal rights.