Final Project : Volunteering at PANDA

by pierre7luc on May 13, 2013 - 5:39am

Final project: Volunteering
During the last months I have been writing articles about my biggest concern which is technology and health. My articles where focusing on how technology affect our everyday life and the issues related to it. According to that, I found an organization that would really appreciate my help. It is called PANDA (for Regroupement des associations de parents PANDA du Québec). This organism provide solutions and help to the parents and children who have a attention disorder with or without hyperactivity disorder as well.
I decided to do volunteer work in this organism because my little brother has a attention disorder and that reminds me of how it was hard for my parents to get helps and resources when they learn it. I think that it is important to easily have access to information and their organism was really suffering from that. In fact, their website was not even in Google.
The first part o f my volunteer work was when I wanted to learn about the organism. They had a night where everyone was coming and talking because they just had a new spokesperson. I decided to bring my photography camera and take some pictures and video footage of the event. I thought that by uploading them on the internet it would give them some visibility as well.
Later, I designed a kind of poster for the home page of their website that was explaining that they proudly had Philipe Laprise as their new spokesperson and also did the video editing on my computer.
You can watch the video on youtube :
I also started the new design of the website which is not finished yet. However I finished a part of the new website that is actually online on the old one. It is a database containing all the books, documents, video and any kind of help that are talking or related to the organism. Basic function are included such as Title, Description and etc. You can view the first phase of the database by clicking here:
The website really need to be updated and by looking on the bottom of the page you can see that it's last update was in 2010! The new design, banner and colors will give to the organism more credibility! I will also add all my pictures and videos on a Facebook page that I will create for the organism. The organism administrator will keep the Facebook page updated during the whole year!
Volunteering at this organism is a really good idea and is related to the field that I like which is technology. The articles and post that I have submitted in the last week where talking about the huge security issues related to the technologies. To help the organism fight against security problems, me and my friend Isabelle decided to also re-do the little database that we did in more secure way. Right now it is programming in a web page where good hackers could find the information specially if an organism employee try to make an update and make a mistake. We will do it again in PHP and SQL with a content managing system .
I have read an article, written by The Canadian Press called Montreal firm monitoring illegal downloading for court cases that has been released on May 12, today. It explain how people have so easily access to illegal download for music and videos. They also explain that " there has only been a single file-sharing lawsuit in Canada, launched by the music industry. The case, BMG Canada Inc. vs. John Doe, was launched in 2004, and it failed". Illegal download is another issues that I have not talk that much during the semester because I found it was not putting ourselves in danger like the many security issues that I have talked. However, by reading this article it reminds me how people are killing many jobs and people's salary. We are not supposed to illegally download music, videos, movies but also books and articles if we are not allowed to.
The new database that we will be developing for the organisation give for free their information to everyone registered in the organisation. Even if it is free, many people will try to illegally download this information and considering all the times those people put into the attention disorder cause in Quebec, it is nothing to only subscribe on the website and/or attend a single event to help them grow.
My volunteer work will definitely help the organism to grow through their new media related visibility and their website while also preventing them to suffer from the technology issues that I have talked during the whole semester. The website will be available around June 10th on the following URL: