Final Project Update

by pierre7luc on May 13, 2013 - 4:57am

For the New Activist final project, I have chosen to do volunteer work in an organisation called PANDA. PANDA stands for Regroupement des associations de parents PANDA du Québec. My volunteer work consist of many things all involved in the technology domain, which is the main theme of almost all my articles and post during the semester. On the 23 april, I took pictures of an event called "Est-ce qu'on peut avoir votre attention svp?" which was a dinner where the association was presenting their new spokesperson, the artist and humorist Philippe Laprise. Later this week I will also create a video of the event that we will upload on the website me and one my friend are doing as part of our volunteer work as well. The video will be available on the website and Youtube. In addition to all that, I will related my project to an article I have discuss earlier this semester concerning data privacy : How Much data privacy can you expect to have? by Armina Ligaya, CBC News, Feb 5, 2013

Update: My volunteer work will also be related to an article called Montreal firm monitoring illegal downloading for court cases by The Canadian Press, May 12, 2013