Fight Cancer Together!

by mouna8 on May 14, 2013 - 11:27am

During the semester, I have been posting several articles concerning diverse issues around the world. The subject that I was always ending up posting about is health. In my superpost, I wrote about breast cancer, which again is related to health, and writing about it make me think about volunteering in a hospital to help and support people that are suffering from cancer by entertaining them. I found different hospitals that had volunteering opportunities but they were all facing one common problem. To volunteer with one of the institutions, I had to send a curriculum vitae and pass an interview with the people that was in charge of the volunteering to make sure that I was not a danger for the patients and that I will not be discussing with them their medical situation. The inconvenient with this process is that it will take too long and I would not have been able to do the volunteer and write about it on time, since it takes several weeks to get a response from them. It is the reason why I have decided to volunteer using a different approach. For my final project, I have decided to post information concerning cancer on The Health and Wellness Club website. It includes the consequences and causes of cancer, some tips on what we can do to help people that are suffering from this disease and how we can minimize the chances of having it (prevention). Furthermore, the information also contains future activities that the Club will be having next year for the purpose of sensitizing and informing people about cancer. To provide all the necessary information to the students, I decided to make a prezi (, which includes a multimedia part being a YouTube video that aims to again sensitize people and make them want to get involved with one of the non-profit cancer organization. Also, there are some pictures of different major projects that several associations have organized throughout the years. I think that the information that I provide on the website could help a lot of people that would like to learn more about this disease and I hope that it will make them want to volunteer to assist people that are suffering from it.