Is the war against North Korea inevitable?

by Youyou417 on April 25, 2017 - 5:22pm

Would you ever imagine a place in the world where human rights are non –existent or extremely limited?  Despite ever-increased globalization North Korea stubbornly rema­­­­ins one of the most isolated country from the rest of the world in the 21th century. Even if tourists or visitors are allowed to visit the country, they are not expected to reveal this hermit kingdom’s true face, as well as the real life of its 24 million people. Why? Simply because all the tours are “organized” in a way that one can only be shown off the brightest side of this self-hyped “perfect country”. Even though North Korean regime led by the third generation dictator Kim Jong Un has been trying hard to keep outsiders from peeking into what is behind the Iron Curtain, the naked truth is by 2017 this country is among the world’s poorest and millions of its people are still struggling to make the end’s meet. Worse still, this totalitarian state has the world’s 4th largest military power, not to mention the fact that despite worldwide opposition and pressure Mr. Kim Jong Un has been insanely going ahead with its nuclear program targeted primarily at the Unites States and South Korea. From the 1950s onwards the tension between North Korea and United States has from time to time been there and now even heightened since U.S. President Donald Trump warned the North Korea to stop their nuclear development plan. If not, the US would take whatever measures (including use of force) to render North Korea regime succumb. Is waging a war against North Korea in order to destroy its nuclear power before any harm is done on the others morally justified?  In my opinion, war cannot be a win-win for any party involved. Instead, the issue of the Korean peninsular should be dealt with in a peaceful manner.

If United States decides to start a war, it requires more reasons to be considered morally accepted. Taking action before North Korea officially starts its nuclear weapon test is the most efficient way to prevent the unpredictable damages.Even if United States propagates about the danger and destructions caused by those weapon, North Korea never stop its mission. To this end, Donald Trump sent missile defense to warn North Korea to stop provocative action against UN resolution. According to New York Times,“ The Carl Vinson and several other warships are heading toward the Korean Peninsula in a show of force intended to deter the North from testing a sixth nuclear weapon or launching missiles.” However, the question of whether or not North Korea does have nuclear weapon in its possession still stays unclear according to the international assembly. Also, Will the North Korea regime risk themselves and the safety of the whole country just to test their nuclear weapons? There is still no strong proof or evidence regarding North Korea’s initiative to launch the nuclear test, let alone a massive and destructive war. In this case is the Trump administration able to justify themselves to declare war with Kim Jong Un? Many interrogations still did not obtain a clear and convinced answer from the North Korea to start a massive and destructive war. There is still no prove and no enough information about the missile test taking place for the United States to declare war with Kim Jong Un. Even in 1940s, the United States did not believe that the North has enough power to produce such a rocket with nuclear capacity of destruction.

We have to understand that it is easy to press the button to unleash the nuclear power in order to wipe out your enemy. But its consequences can be disastrous to both human beings and environment (think about the Hiroshima bombing). In addition, anyone that first takes use of force is not be ethically right and will be accused of being against International law and breaking the peace in the Korean peninsular and beyond. Yes, stopping Kim Jung Un’s nuclear t test project and prohibiting its right to possess nuclear weapon by using military force can prevent future nuclear development. If an all-out war breaks out, however, not only 80 million innocent lives on both sides of Korean Penisular would suffer, but those in the neighboring countries such as China, Japan and Russia would be affected. And people in the United States would also not agree with the idea of the Korean War for the second time. There are many unforeseeable consequences and factors to take into account, including the Sino-Us relations. As Trump said if China cooperates with the United States in its initiative, its economic tie will be much easier. According to utilitarian point of view, the consequence related to the moral dilemma is the major factor that determines if it is an ethical and moral action. Starting a war can be seen as immoral since it is at the expense of others’ benefits to fill up one’s egoism. On the other hand, utilitarianism promotes the happiness of the most majority and benefits the whole human being. Therefore, there is no way to balance the value of life of the people living in the North Korea with the lives of South Korea and United States. Since there is no method to judge the value of human lives and there is definitely negative impact and threat to the well being of human lives, the war should not take place.

Needless to say, provoking conflict will create a war that affects millions of innocent lives and threats the pacifism. Even from deontological perspective, waging a war is outside of the morality since it goes against duty and rules that maintain the international order in place. In this case, the reasons behind the actions are unjustified and the intentions of United States to attack them is still questionable. All in all, use of force as the final solution would result in detrimental consequences and make things more unpredictable for any party involved.            

The tension between the two confronting nations is rising to a boiling point as both are trying to provoke and threat each other and this has led to the situation in the peninsular out of the control. Nevertheless, no matter whatever point of view (deontological or utilitarianism) we handle the Korean issue, a war should be avoided at all costs, as above-said. Finally, the North Korea, even with destructive nuclear weapon, may not dare to attack the powerful United States or provoke every other country surrounding him before backfiring at itself. Therefore, the war is very unlikely to break out and going back to the negotiation table seems to the feasible solution for all parties involved.


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