Crop Burning Creating Unliveable Environment for People of New Delhi

by Fran on November 10, 2017 - 12:32pm


          The process of crop burning has created quite the controversy within the capital of India, New Delhi. The article “Health emergency declared, pollution soars in New Delhi” addresses the toxic smog that had coated New Delhi on Tuesday and had caused the Indian Medical Association to declare a state of emergency. The levels of PM2.5 that is considered hazardous is at a mark of 300 and it reached a level of 703 the other day. It states that even the healthiest people are at risk at this time. Crop burning is the main issue that is causing the toxic smog across the capital. People suffer from extreme health problems such as respiratory conditions and the community has asked for appropriate measures to be taken into consideration such as the closure of schools and for people to stay inside. In neighbouring states, crop burning is a very popular occurrence. Farmers burn millions of tonnes of crop waste in order to clear the and before the next crop. Since the quality of air severely deteriorated the closing of two plants, diesel and power, were both shut down. Although the air quality index clearly shows that these measures are not enough. In order for a change to be made they must identify what is polluting the are most. For long term the expert commissions suggest cleaner transportation and incentives. Courts have stepped in several times within the last few years to try and help stop the extreme amount of air pollution




            Co-management can be implemented within this situation as there are many factors that show the state and the community working together. This type of management believes that both groups have the ability to bring forth experience and knowledge to help with good management. The people of New Delhi were very concerned about their health and what they were exposing themselves too. It also became a concern for the Medical Association as they had to send out a state of emergency and tell everyone to stay inside and not leave their homes, school was also canceled. In this specific article, it can be seen that the court and community both want the air pollution to stop and believe that the crop burning should be kept to a minimum. They state different ways to solve the problem and need both the government and the community to work together if they want the situation resolved. There is also evidence of wicked problem, which is when a government is uncertain if a certain tactic is going to fix the problem but it is better to try and resolve it than it is to do nothing at all.  They could use this as a trial and error and figure out a more efficient and easier way to remove the crops instead of burning them each time a new harvest starts. They could possibly start removing the crops at an earlier time if time is the issue, so they can finish right when a new growing season starts. 

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