Do School Uniforms Help to Improve the Learning Environment?

by roxannebareil on September 18, 2015 - 10:41am







            I think school uniforms are a good thing.  First of all, students won’t be bullied for what they wear. Being happier, the children will only have to focus on studying. Also, it helps families with money difficulties to spend less for clothing for their children in a year. I think that from kindergarten to high school, it is adequate because it gives students the possibility to open their minds to other things than their appearance.



            A uniform can be a total outfit or only a shirt with the school logo on it that students have to wear. Apart from uniforms, there are also dress codes but they are harder to enforce by students. Some places that have established a uniform policy have showed improved graduation and attendance rates but not academic performances. Many arguments for and against uniforms were given.  One of the arguments against uniforms is that they violate a student’s right to freedom of expression. On the contrary, one of the arguments in favor of uniforms is that they diminish economic and social barriers between students. Finally, the article tells us that uniforms help to improve attendance, graduation and suspension rates.



  • Burden : a big charge, load

  • Uphold : confirm or support (something that has been questioned)

  • Advocate : publicly recommend or support


Controversial questions:

            If so many schools have uniforms, do you think teachers should have one too?

            Do you think that wearing a uniform violates the rights to freedom of expression?


I’ve always leaned more towards not having school uniforms, but I do see both sides of the story. As much as it does allow for freedom of expression, I do understand the bullying aspect of it.
You did mention one thing that I never thought of before; the economic barriers it places. I’m glad you brought to my attention the fact some kids aren’t able to dress as nicely as the other students because they aren’t able to afford it, or how much money it saves to have uniforms.
Though you did raise valid points, I still stand for people being able to wear what they want. If you look around you, you see many people, with many different body types, wearing many different styles of clothing. People are able to dress however makes them feel good. The same polo that might be super unflattering on one girl may make another look amazing. As much as you are making everybody dress the same to “open their minds to other things than their appearance”, people will always be judged on their looks. I think if you’re going to be judged either way, why not be judged wearing something that represents you and your style?

Hi Roxanne,
I think you are totally right when you say that uniforms should be integrated in schools because it would decrease bullying and that it would be less expensive in a year for families who do not have a lot of money. On the other hand, uniforms restricts the freedom of expression of students as it is stated on, where “journalists have referenced in over 2,500 articles” according to, I do not believe that it would help improve the student's attendance, graduation and suspension rate because students are being obligated to wear something they might not want to wear simply because it would “decrease bullying”. Being able to wear what you want is showing people who you are and creating self esteem for a lot of student’s since it is what defines them. I would like to bring to your attention this article about pros and cons on school uniforms. It will maybe get you to see the negative side about having to integrate uniforms in schools.