Bullying and Teasing: No Laughing Matter

by charloe123 on September 18, 2015 - 9:58am

A lot of children experience bullying as they grow up. That can even start at preschool and continue until highschool. Most of the time, people that are bullied have a low self-esteem and they have difficulties to interact with other people. Moreover, they suffer from many physical and psychological consequences. For example, children's grades often drop and they are scared to go to school every day because mayver someone will hurt them. Also, people who are victims of bullying can be affected by those difficult experiences all their lives.

In my opinion, there should be more programs made to prevent bullying in school. Too many children suffer from being teased by their schoolmates. Also, when a child starts to show warning signs of intimidation, his parents whould intervene and get him help. For example, they should directly get in touch with a psychoeducator.

Can teachers can help prevent bullying in their classes?

Is bullying an important issue in our society?

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Hi Charloe!
I like the way that you are suggesting ways to help prevent bullying such as; adding more programs made to avert bullying or suggesting that if ever signs of intimidation are showing, the parent should go directly to the psychoeducator.
In fact, I was a victim who suffered from bullying for almost six years and during those six years my parents didn’t have a clue of what was going on with my school life.They knew I had been through some kind of bullying during grade three but not that it was going on for so long. This does not mean that they are inattentive parents or that they didn’t care about me because my mother and father were always there for me and were very present in my life. Although, it is not always easy to figure out whether your child is getting bullied or not since it is very easy to hide. I was getting bullied physically but mostly verbally.Since I was scared of reaching out for help from a teacher,my parents or the school psychologist because of consequences that could of happened… I was really good at hiding my emotions and getting that big smile on in front of the family. This also applies to teachers who we say could do something to prevent bullying from occurring. There are a lot of different forms of bullying and it is not always obvious as to who is getting intimidated and what they can do about it.
Here is an article that you might find interesting where Meg Meeker the author of “12 principles of raisings kids” is saying that “‘even though we say, 'Make sure to tell somebody,' kids don't speak up easily. It usually has gone on for several months before parents find out.’”

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