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Finding motivation to start physical activity could be hard if you have adopted a sedentary lifestyle. We live in a sedentary society where people are always on their cellphones, texting or tweeting something. This attitude can be useful for your training. A lot of applications have been created to help you get in shape.

This article is a brief summary of the applications available for every types of smartphone and an explanation of how people should use them in their trainings. Those apps explains the exercise that you have to do with a little video or an animation. With those images, it is easier for you to understand how to do the exercise.  The app can also create a specific workout for you and give you encouragement to keep working hard. It is a virtual coach.

I think those apps are useful for someone who starts and wants to train at home. The fact that the workout are pre-established in the app makes it easier to the person who doesn’t really know the type of exercises to do in a workout or the frequency of those exercises. I think it is useful to add your cellphone for the first trainings because you are not left on your own and you are at the same point not leaving your dependence, which means using it in a sportive context transforms the dependence to an accessory or to a workout buddy. The author uses different app to create a workout which is appropriate to himself. That’s why your phone can be a tool to start exercising. It helps you find exercises in which you feel good and train different parts of your body which are the most important points for someone who start training after a long sedentary lifestyle.

Training is something good for your health, even if you are not using an app you can also find exercises in books or on the web which will help you improve your physical condition and be healthier.


I use myself a workout app that I find very useful, it is called RunKeeper. I find it hard sometimes to go run and to keep a good pace, but with this app, I can just plug my earphones, listen to music and the virtual coach will call me some intervals to do. It motivates me because at the end of every session I can see my statistics and my progress, just like I would with a real personal trainer. It can be good for people who are not very active because the statistics give you a goal to achieve in your future sessions. Sometimes, running with no goals or landmarks can be boring, so those apps can help you. It is sad to see how people can be addicted to smartphones, but I think those apps are a good use of technology and I would recommend their usage to anybody of any fitness level.
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I am in total accord with you, especially because I personally use two of the applications. First, I am using 'Nike+', which I use with a chip in my shoes and it count my run distance, my burned calories and also motivate me during my run, with my music. Second, I am using 'Nike Training Club', where I can choose a training. I really love those application, especially the second one, because it offers me a lot of variety in my work outs and I can finally change my routine. The applications help me a lot in my fitness and in my training and I recommend it to everybody !

I agree with what you say. In today's society were always busy on are phones and using it in a healthy manner and workout with it is great idea. After reading your blog I immediately decided to go and download a work out app and I downloaded workout trainer and look at some of the workouts and it's amazing. As you mentioned it's a real workout buddy. It offers me a various of programs and workouts with different intensity levels and there's even a forum where you can ask questions or answer peoples question. Here is the link to the app I've mentioned . I usually go workout with friends because they help explain exercises but it's not always possible to go with them and I tend to skip the gym when I'm alone. Thanks to your blog post, I can now go to the gym alone with my new workout buddy. All I have to do is fallow the program that on my cell phone screen and listen to my music at the same time.

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