You do the crime you do the time!

by mathieubgervais on September 4, 2013 - 12:11pm

   Should the death penalty come back in Canada? Are you for capital punishment or against it? The last capital punishment that occurred in Canada was about half a century ago. 37 years from now the death penalty was abolished from our laws and still today, politicians, and citizens, debate about the question of bringing it back.                 

          A survey questioned across Canada asked Canadian citizens if capital punishment should come back to Canada. 63% say that capital punishment is appropriate and the others believe that it is considered as murder. People clearly consider the death penalty as an option but when the question was asked to individuals convicted of murder 50% of them said they would rather have a life time imprisonment. Now this questioned was asked to a senator Pierre Hugues-Boivenu and he suggested to give serial killers a rope in their cell once they are imprisoned for them to hang themselves on their own. But this senates opinion changed quickly once his daughter got kidnapped, raped and then murder. It seems that the answer to this question changes depending from which continent you live in and experience an individual has lived throughout his or her life.  

           The problem in this is simple, some people go towards the moral side of things and say that the death penalty is also a murder, and others believe that you do the crime you do the time! In this case you get killed for a murder you committed. Now what I believe is that the death penalty should be brought back in our county. In one condition, the court can prove 100% that the individual is guilty for the crime he committed. Some people might believe it is impossible to know if he or she is 100% guilty but with the advanced technology police department have in our days. It is possible to prove a criminal is 100% guilty. And for those who say that capital punishment is also considered as murder, you’re wrong because a murder is the killing of a human being going against the laws. Capital punishment is not a murder but justice. You do the crime you do the time! If an individual takes someone’s life on purpose as a crime, than the only fair decision in this case is to take his life away for the life he’s taken and the pain he’s given to the individuals family and loved ones.


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c) Capital punishment is a debated subject in the fields of law and politics. Murder is punishable but should those who murder be punished by the same offense? Should authorities be entitled to make the decision of killing someone? I am completely opposed to this. I do not think anybody, even when in a position of power, has the right to end someone’s life, except in rare cases. It is said in the post that this should only happen when authorities are 100% certain that the suspect is guilty. But what if? What if a mistake in the lab was made or if someone set someone up? What if an innocent person’s life was taken? If this happens, the consequences of the government’s actions will be as immoral as the culprit, who would still be at large. As for what Senator Hugues-Boivenu said about putting a rope in a prisoner’s cell and giving him the choice to decide what to do with his life, I am also opposed to this. A prisoner who is in jail for the rest of his life should not have the opportunity to skip his punishment, even if he is making his own decision. He should have to stay in prison and repent for his/her sins.

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