Yasuni National Park in danger

by Zoe.Papadatos on October 2, 2013 - 11:24am

The Yasuni national park, arguably the most biodiverse place on the planet, is in danger. The Ecuadorian government is moving forward with their plans to extract oil from the core of the park. We’ve heard about this type of story over and over again and, most of the time, it does not end on a happy note. If the Ecuadorian government move forward with these plans, the Yasuni national park and all of its wonders will be destroyed.


A group of more than 100 scientists, the “Scientists concerned for Yasuni”, submitted a statement to the Ecuadorian Congress detailing the incredible biodiversity of the park and strongly urging them not to move forward with their plans. Long-time primate expert Anthony Di Fiore of the University of Texas at Austin states, “The diversity of Yasuní National Park really is quite stunning when you realize the extreme richness spans across all biological groups. From monkeys to birds to amphibians to woody plants, Yasuní is among the world record holders in almost every category.” Undeniably, Yasuni national park has unique biodiversity likely due to its location at the intersection of the Amazon, the Andes and the equator. The oil drilling will most likely damage the ecosystem as well as harm the indigenous tribe that lives in the park.


It’s difficult to evaluate whether the Ecuadorian government is ignorant or apathetic. They have been informed about the biodiversity of the forest by the 100+ scientists, so they are not ignorant. However, do they realize that the national park is not theirs to damage? If I entered someone’s home and ransacked it, I would be arrested for trespassing and damage of personal property. I think it’s the same idea with this national park. Countless creatures, including humans, live and thrive off their environment, but does the government care? History argues that they don’t.



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