When Mourning, Order a Pizza

by PedgeRuest on September 18, 2013 - 11:58am

The body of a 4 year old boy was found in a cot, and has been kept in his mother’s bed room for approximately 1-2 years. The “mummified” body was still wearing baby clothes because of the malnourishment the child had lived upon. The 4 year old boy, Hamzah Khan, died of starvation because of the negligence of his mother.

Amanda Hutton, the mother of the victim, failed to nourish her child in order for him to survive. The discovery of the body occurred after a support police officer spoke to Mrs. Hutton and became concerned. Trials have already begun and many factors which could of lead to this dramatic event have been revealed, like the alcohol and drug abuse of Amanda Hutton. This can however be overlooked due to her past experiences in being a care keeper and undergoing first aid training. Also, the father of the child is said to have separated from Mrs. Hutton due to the violence towards her. She is now argued guilty of “manslaughter by gross negligence no two counts; failing to feed her child and failing to seek medical assistance for him.” Mrs. Hutton claims of trying everything she could to revive her child on December 15th 2009, however not being able to bring him back to life. Therefore, she treated his body with dignity and placed him in a cot with a teddy bear. The jury was then told that Mrs. Hutton ordered a pizza within hours of his death, instead of calling for any assistance. Many of these claims alter the decision of the jury, consequently, the trials continues.

 In conclusion, this is an interesting event for different reasons. The death of this child did not seem to bother his mother much, because if you were to care immensely for your child, you would automatically call for assistance. Can this be an issue of revenge from the violence of his father? In addition, I believe that the defense is trying to appeal the jury with pity. “Mrs. Hutton was as abuser of alcohol and cannabis”, however, she was also a care seeker in her past. Therefore should the accused have any charges lifted off because of the illegal actions she was practicing? Does the accused’s knowledge in this domain suddenly disappear once it’s time to take care of her own child? No, I believe that there should not be any accommodations, neither does her knowledge suddenly disappear. 



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