We need to take care of our head

by Laurence Morin-Emond on November 6, 2013 - 8:18pm

Concussion is affecting too much athletes. Voluntary or not, a hit to the head can have several consequences on a life. In hockey, football, soccer, boxing, football, swimming, gymnastic and others sports, there is always a danger to caught a concussion. Even at house or anywhere. The issue is that most of the people do not know the several consequences of a concussion, and especially the time they have to rest. Generally, a “normal” concussion takes ten days to get off. Athletes get the spirit of competition and they want to come back as fast as possible; consult a doctor before.


The first article analyses the number of concussions in the National Hockey League (NHL) versus the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), in the past 3 hockey seasons.  In the NHL, the bodychecks are accepted; but since 2008, the NHL pass a rules that the checks to the head are not accepted and if it still happened, the player make the hit will got a forfeit. But still; even since this new rule, the players continue to hit to the head, by the board, a fight or by a body check, it doesn’t look like it would get better. If we look at the statistic the article’s giving, the seasons of 2010-11 and 2011-12 were the worst. That means the rule had worked for the 2009-10 season and forfeit and penalties are nothing behind the respect of others players.


The second article is going deeper in the concussion problems; they made researches on thirty participants. The participants passed psychological and physical tests proving they never get concussion in the past. The study demonstrated that when an athlete is affected by a concussion and continued to practice a sport or doing physical activity, the situation of their brain is getting worst. By the difference of ages, it can differ; because of the bones, the development of brain and the medical past of the person.


The two articles are linked by the concussions in sports; they could complete each others. No matter if it’s hockey or other sport that contain concussions problems, the second article complete the first one by explaining the effect on the human brain. Just saying that there is a lot of concussions in a sport doesn’t make a real impact. If we link the both articles, it explains how it can be dangerous for human personally and it can push someone to make more attention, protect themselves and others, or just put more rules for a sport.


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