Watch Dogs Delayed

by maxime.rousseau on October 23, 2013 - 10:25pm


Big companies have a lot of effects on us. They can control what we think about a subject using media or their product. In some cases, it is totally the opposite that happens. People can also affect companies and decide their destiny.


This is exactly what happened not so long ago when the company Ubisoft (a Montreal videogame company) announced the delay of their future game Watch Dogs. This had a TERRIBLE effect on them: their shares dropped by 26% and created a loss of 100 million dollars… This will cause a lot of trouble for a local business and creator of jobs in Montreal.


We always complain that the corporations and the media are controlling us. In this really ironic case, it is the population that is controlling this company. People had certain ATTENTES toward the company and the company didn’t succeed to fulfill them because they have delayed their game. People then decided to lower shares of the company and they are “controlling” the company by doing this. I think this is correct to have a certain control like this on the corporation so we are not totally controlled by them. For example, if Wal-Mart become a tyrannical corporation we can just decide to boycott them; their shares will drop and the company will have the either make bankrupt or to changer their policies. For more information on delay of the Ubisoft Game and their money loss go to :

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