Video games makes us violent

by fangjun9608 on August 28, 2013 - 9:22pm

I choose this article because it is extremely interesting since video games can influence us a lot. It can makes us dangerous.


It all happened on a Thursday when an eight year old kid shot his 90 years old grandmother in the back of her head. The eight year old kid spent the whole afternoon playing a violent video game which involves killing. He was playing is Grand Theft Auto which is a game rated as mature. However the police decided that the kid will not face charges for murder since under Louisiana Laws, people under 10 years old will not get prosecuted.


After reading this article I personally find it pretty disturbing. The fact that the kid was only 8 years old and he shot his own grandmother. This article makes us wonder if the shooting like at the elementary school in Connecticut and the shooting at the movie theater are caused by video games.



I have never heard about this story but as you're saying it's really disturbing. We wouldn't like that scandal again. The age's rules on the video games must be more stricter that's my opinion. I agree with this article too in video games we are often talking about destruction in friendship and loyalty stories. That's not a good way to educate children.

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