Useful Wastes

by maxime.rousseau on September 25, 2013 - 10:20pm


Here in Quebec, we are very lucky because of all the electricity we got and the low cost of it. Perhaps in some countries, kids have to do their homework under streetlights. Bill Gates showed this is the presentation of his new project related to energy. He thought that electricity is what we need to globalize to reduce poverty.

The 87 billion man associated with Nathan Myhrvold, one of his friend from Microsoft, and many other investors to start a company named TerraPower. It is a nuclear research company and they just discovered that they could (if their project works) provide the energy supply for 800 year and reduce nuclear weapons at the same time. This is because it uses the nuclear wastes we have and it creates energy. This type of uranium can’t be used to do nuclear weapons.

This project could save or improve the life of thousands of people. This massive energy that every country could have would help in many domains like health education etc… Furthermore, this uses our nuclear wastes so we don’t have to dump them in the ocean or in our rivers like we did in the past. The only thing we need make sure that it is good for the environment and does not create more toxic products. We also need to verify that the company is doing this project for the well being of the humanity or for its own sake. We need to remember the first goal of a company is to make money. This is a link to a site that summarize the project:

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