Too much hype for IPhone

by fangjun9608 on September 25, 2013 - 12:37pm

We all know that Apple has a lot of fans all around the world. Each time they would release a new product there would be people lining up to buy it on the first day of the release. Personally, I think that the hype has gone too far when I saw this article.


In this article, the author talks about the newly release of the IPhone 5c and IPhone 5s and how a person bought a limited edition gold IPhone for 10,000$.First of all, many critics though that Apple has lost their special touch on the sales of their products. They are proven wrong when the sales of these models where the double of the previous ones. Also, what was really interesting it was that a person on EBay bided 10,000$ for a limited edition IPhone.


I personally think that it is outrageous because the only thing that is different from a normal one it is the color. I don’t think it’s worth to pay over 20 times more for this limited edition IPhone for a different paint job. In general, the post had really good reference to support his article. We can see that all of his premises where backed up by experts.

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